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My castle is..


Come in. You just need to knock.

Kdokoliv tohle uvidi, nevsimejte si toho

 - ja to doma smazu ale je to projev co si musim opsat tak si to otevru na mobilu a nekam to musim mrdnout

Lj cutCollapse )

Just Ira... and Eri...

Storing it here. 
A few will know. 

Just a peak though the broken glass into Ghelen....Collapse )

Story - [Gackt/Karyu] - Imperfection

I don't really know how to feel about this one.
I don't even know why I wrote exactly this pairing, because I haven't written anything about these two for long, so long, and actually, this story counts almost a thousand words, which means that for me, it is quite long.
Collection of shards, and still it's only one-
But even I find it a bit unusually written, compared to what I usually write, I mean. Don't know how should I feel about it.
I'm not even sure if I really like it, the only things I'm sure about is that I have certainly done my best I could at the moment.
But well? If I didn't like it, I wouldn't dare to post it, so...

Rating... I don't know how to rate it. Practically it is harmless, and it is not at the same time, depends on how dirty your mind is.

ImperfectionCollapse )


Story: OF - Numbers

 The title... it has only because I couldn't think of anything else.... 
Written... don't even know why. 
It's about William. 

It's only the flow of words ... out of my mind. 591 of them. 

Description? Just.... read..


This way...Collapse )

 Just pieces which need to be archived. 
Originally written for Scope. 
Only the things you have read already, I'm sorry.  Nothing more. 

The Raven and The FlameCollapse )

Story: The Perfect Illusion [Mana/Közi]

 Only a drabble. Something longer than an average drabble, something shorter than an average short oneshot. 319 words. Just a glimpse, a shard. Somehow came to my mind. So I formed it into words.


The Perfect IllusionCollapse )


 For scopí, protoze ja to sem predtim zapomnela dat a hrozne se omlouvam. 

ErebriCollapse )

IrabiCollapse )

Story: Karyu/Tsukasa - PG-13

 Not that sure about the raiting, but... blah! Modern 13-year-olds are spoiled anyway. 

English. No beta. Karyu / Zero. 
Well, title? 
No title.  
Why title. 
Enjoy or do not enjoy, comments are ♥. 
Unfortunately, I do not own anyone. Tsetsetse. Not yet. Not yet guys, I say. 

Zero's lips are soft. Like a plush, when he kisses them roughly as he presses the body of the shorter man against the door.
His long, bony fingers run through his thick hair, lost in it (he still remembers how he used to pull on his long braids, hard, to make him expose his throat to him so he could kiss it and bite it, mark him-
and Zero did it willingly, always) .

Doing so again, he pushes his head back, kissing his neck, uncomfortably bent down trying to mark his collarbone and shoulder with his teeth (once, bored, a long time ago, he wrote "KARYU'S PROPERTY"all over Zero's body with a black marker, while he slept- ...he was at first mad, then he laughed... and that night he showed Karyu that the proprietorship is not only one-sided) -
he drops to his knees, dragging Zero down with him.

Zero's fingers rest in Karyu's hair, and the other hand pulls him closer.


Story: OF - When it rains in Ghelen

Came to my mind as I opened a window today... 
And it is surprisingly long. 
Not long at all, though, just longer than I use to write. 

It's only a shard. 

I'll need to draw that sight of Gharion, just, tomorrow, today I am really very tired and it will be a complicated drawing. 

You will probably not understand it a word, if I've never told you anything about Ghelen or The World of Thea.
Well, unfortunately that is like it is, I know now maybe one person, yeah, one, who probably will understand a bit more but still will not. 
In English, this time. 
Just no beta. As usual, as usual. 

When it rains in GhelenCollapse )